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What is Software Testing

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Software Testing

Testing can be described as the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the purpose to find whether it meets the specified requirements or not. Simply, testing is executing a system with an intention to identify any possible errors, gaps, or missing requirements in contradiction with the current requirements.

We can also describe Testing as the verification and validation of a software item in order to detect the discrepancies between the expected behaviour and the actual behaviour. The main objectives of testing is to find defects/errors/bugs and also to give provide confidence that the system meets requirements

Why Software Testing is Important

There are number of reasons that make software testing very important: 

  • Software testing is essential to indicate the defects and errors that may occur during the development phases.
  • It’s important since it verifies the Customer’s reliability and their content with the application.
  • It is very important to guarantee the Quality of the product.  Quality product supplied to the customers helps to gain their confidence.
  • Testing is necessary while providing the facilities to the customers like the delivery of high quality product or software application which requires minimal maintenance cost and hence shows more precise, consistent and reliable results.
  • Testing is required for an effective performance of software application or product.
  • It’s important to ensure that the application should not result into any failures because it can lead to extra expenses in the future or in the later stages of the development.
  • It’s required to stay in the business.