Here are some Software Testers Interview Questions 1What is the role of QA in development project? Deploy and enforce standards Continually improve standards, QA process based on previous experiences, Promote effective means for reporting and communication. 2What is verification? A: Verification ensures the product is designed to deliver all functionality to the customer; it typically involves […]

Static Testing Why is it Necessary?

Many Companies underestimate the importance of static testing during product development. let me start by stating what is stating testing and how  it is different from dynamic testing. Static testing.  can be defined as software testing technique that involves examination of the program’s code/requirement/design and its associated documentation/artifacts without the program be executed Dynamic testing on […]

Various Excuses Every Software Tester Must Stop Giving

Various Excuses Every Software QA Tester Must Stop Giving Below are some Excuses Every Software Tester Must Stop Giving We don’t deploy our builds,  other team are responsible for doing that for us:  This is one of the excuse we have experienced from testers over the years.  Considering scenarios like entering into the office one day […]

Software Testing  Tools Training

Software Testing  Tools Training offers test tools trainings on the best and most widely used tools across the world. We offer practical and online trainings on the following test tools for Test management , Automation, performance and defect management Testrail JIRA Bugzilla Selenium QTP LoadRunner LoadUI SoapUI Test Complete Test Link HP Quality Center(QC) […]

How To Excel in Your Next QA/Software Testing Interview

How To Excel in Your Next QA/Software Testing Interview Software Quality Assurance (QA) engineers and Software Testers were rank  as one of the hottest jobs regardless of industry and a top ten in-demand job by fortune. Another published report is that  in the US there are over  nearly $160 billion per year  job posts are unfilled. To […]

Scrum Master


IMPORTANT QUALITIES OF A SCRUM MASTER What is Scrum? Wikipedia describe Scrum as an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development. I do describe scrum as as an as an iterative agile software development methodology/framework that allows continuous and adaptive system development. A Scrum Master in a scrum environment is a facilitator and a mediator […]

Sites That Will Pay You to Test Applications Remotely

Sites That Will Pay You to Test Applications Remotely   To start working from home, you need to be very intelligent and speak English Fluently. Also, some basic things you will need are computer system  with a microphone, web browser,  broadband internet connection and sometimes mobile phones. I have some sites i have tried online and […]

Open source Tools very useful to Testers

Software Testing Open Source Tools Now through the  innovations of some super intelligent softwares and applications we can now get complex testing processes done in minutes whilst maximizing the functionalities within. It is only because of these tools that testers can get their testing process done with ease and rest assured of the working of […]