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Handy Tips for better Testing Results.

Few Insights to Better Quality  Here are few tips  that most of us as QA’s know, but at times we take them for granted and forget to practice them Proper Analysis of Requirements beforehand: Analyzing the requirements by a QA testers should be a mandatory practice inherited by companies globally. we as testers  should be able […]

Getting the Basics for Manual Testing

Getting the Basics for Manual Testing Manual testing or manual functional testing as being called is a process in which the actual results or behaviour of a system/code/software is compared against the expected results or behaviour without using an automation tool. Firstly testers need to understand the requirements of a system and deduce how the […]

Reasons to Choose Software Testing as a Career

A tester’s job is to finds defects/bugs and give confidence to management on the quality of a software/system/application under development. Regardless of your educational background (law,finance,IT,engineering,agriculture,economics and so on) you can become a great software tester with little training and mentorship. Individuals that think a software testing career is not rewarding, challenging, and fun surely […]

Concepts of Functional Testing

Concepts of Functional Testing Function can be described as what the system does. Thus, functional testing is the testing carried out on the functionalities of an application under test.  The functions that a system, subsystem or component are to perform may be described in work products such as a requirements specification, use cases, or a […]

Automation Testing – Best Open Source tools for Mobile Apps

Why Mobile App Automation Testing? Testing of Mobile Apps in quite cumbersome because of sheer magnitude of testing required on variety of devices. Moreover, Mobile Apps require changes faster than other kind of Applications (Web or Desktop). That’s the reason, more and more organizations have started realizing the need of using automation testing as much […]

How to Select Best QA Testing Company

If you are planning to build any application to support your business then it is necessary for you to go through testing phase of the software development lifecycle. In the testing phase defects, bugs or errors in the products will be identified and fixed before deployment. Without testing phase you may suffer from customer bad […]

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