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Various Excuses Every Software Tester Must Stop Giving

Various Excuses Every Software QA Tester Must Stop Giving

Below are some Excuses Every Software Tester Must Stop Giving

  1. We don’t deploy our builds,  other team are responsible for doing that for us:  This is one of the excuse we have experienced from testers over the years.  Considering scenarios like entering into the office one day and as a tester you notice that there are few issues with the product build causing a show-stopper(blocker). In this case a new build is needed urgently to be built from the repository. You raise a request or contact the  Development team for this request. Alas, they are very working on something or they are not around. But they manage and do it after some time.Now tell me, why going through all these processes when you can do it? It is not as complex as it looks. When to take a new build is surely something a Developer can suggest as he is the one who will be committing a feature or a bug fix. But when you simply need to trigger it and deploy it, why should you wait or depend on someone.Taking responsibility to deploy whenever you want makes your work lot easier without any wait.  With this, you can  increase your profile in the organization as a capable tester and also increase your Turnaround time in daily testing.
  2. We don’t control our Test Environment, we have (read ‘very’) limited access:  I do hear this excuse a lot from testers- we have only read only access to the test environment and some even say they have only access to logs. The development team have the full access to the environment and not us. The fact is testers must have and also request for full access to the Test environment. The reasons why this request is needed required are: 
  • You have full control over your test environment to make sure personally that it is exact or near replica of the production environment. This will help you avoid few surprises at least when your deliverables hit production.
  • You can get to know all involved components, all software used every time along with their versions for your product to function.
  • You have enough access to do at least first level debugging in case there are Infra level issues. E.g.: Setup running slow, Checking CPU, Memory utilization and logs at every level of flow are no rocket science.
  • You own control over setup, so you know what you are changing and what build you are deploying. You are much more confident than before while shipping the release ahead.
  • You learn it and you learn it all. Though it is Linux based or Windows based.3

3.  We as Testers don’t debug an issue, we find defects and log it- Testers have the habit of logging defects and not assiting or getting to understand the root cause and how it was resolved. As testers once defects are logged to the development team, you need to follow-up with the debugging and resolution of defects raised.  Many times it is actually possible for us to get to the exact root cause or at least reach near it. Believe me, knowing the exact fix, module in which fix was done, whether it was in the front end or back end, whether it was injected in any feature development or some other defect’s fix, will always help you in your testing. Always

  1. I can only do Manual Testing as i wasn’t opportuned to explore other areas – Maybe this excuse is valid to some extent considering the possible workload on you or restricted responsibilities given, but not completely valid.The problem here is, we say that we didn’t get the opportunity to perform non-functional types of testing, or we are not supposed to do it or we don’t have time. You should always spend extra time in your leisure time or off days to explore other areas of testing and learn few other skills.  Self-learning in extra or free time is always possible I think. So find those possible extras, and start doing it. Now.


Thanks a lot for reading. Feel free to share your view/feedback.

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