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How To Excel in Your Next QA/Software Testing Interview

How To Excel in Your Next QA/Software Testing Interview

Software Quality Assurance (QA) engineers and Software Testers were rank  as one of the hottest jobs regardless of industry and a top ten in-demand job by fortune. Another published report is that  in the US there are over  nearly $160 billion per year  job posts are unfilled.

To this effect we as testers or prospective tester needs to be on top of our game  and excel when preparing for out next interview. This will benefit you if you prepare very well and practice the skills needed to Excel in QA Interview when called.

The best secret is to have a great response to the “Tell me about Yourself” question and your ability to be confident when delivering this part can be the difference between a good or bad interview sessions.

So relax and read about how to deliver a very good response to the  “Tell me about Yourself” question.

  • First let the interviewer know your name, your study in school and your job description currently.
  • Second section is to talk about how you started out in QA and software tester and slowly transition into the last QA project you worked on or the one you are currently working on. This is needed becauses it provides you with  a great opportunity to proactively talk about your role projects you have handled, your responsibilities and any testing deliverables you contributed to the project. Let me give you an example on how to discuss “QA Job History/Last Project” during an interview.

My Name is Adeyinka Alayo, a graduate of computer science from Bowen University. I’m a software tester. Currently i’m working as a software test engineer with ( Before that I worked at XYZ Inc. as a QA Analyst where i was involved in carrying out testing services from test analysis , development of test cases, execution of test cases and defect management. My strengths are my ability to be flexible, detail-oriented, excellent organizational skills, verbal and written communication skills coupled and also i’m a great team player.  During my stay at the organizations i have worked, i have also been involved in business analysis operation and development where i assisted in documenting business processes and preparing requirement documentations for developers.  

I have handled projects within the aviation, telecommunications, technology and financial institutions which have allowed me to diversify my knowledge in software development and testing . I’m also exposed to several methodologies such as agile, waterfall and V-Model “

  • Third Part is SDLC/QA Process Improvement section, here you need to sate that you are more than just a tester which makes you dynamic and willing to learn other areas and also know much about the software development life cycle(SDLC).  This part is very important as you need to state how you were involved in projects from the project initiation where the business cases are identified to actual deployment.
  • Last part is to discuss any Technical skills/Testing Tools you know and have used. Please always discuss the technical skills you have that pertain to the position you’re applying for. The reason is to give the interviewer the confidence that you are capable and familiar with the technologies and also tools involved  in the position you are being considered for. Here’s an example

I have performed different types of testing  from functional testing to automation and performance testing using tools like Quality Center(QC), Jira, test rail, Loadrunner, QTP, Jmeter and Selenium. 

I’ve done integration testing using the MQ (Messaging Queue) series and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration). I’ve also done regression, system, user acceptance (UAT), System Integration Testing (SIT), and Functional testing on various projects.

With my experience across several domains, i’ve worked with several different applications and technologies like  Oracle, SQL Server, Web testing  across several platforms such as UNIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, and Windows. I’m also efficient in writing UNIX Shell scripts, SQL Queries and using TOAD to connect to the database.

As you prepare for your next interview, spend little time to design a script of your own, memorize it very well, practice it in front of a mirror or with a friend until you’re comfortable enough saying it without even thinking. This is the script i use and this makes me excel in QA Interview.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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