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What is Scrum?

Wikipedia describe Scrum as an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development. I do describe scrum as as an as an iterative agile software development methodology/framework that allows continuous and adaptive system development.

A Scrum Master in a scrum environment is a facilitator and a mediator between development and marketing. He/She manages the process for how information is exchanged in an agile environment.

An interesting job you think? Yes

In this article we will focus on Scrum Master and the qualities you  need to excel as a Scrum Master.

Stand-Ups meetings are held daily in a Scrum environment and the scrum master has some questions he do ask the team members

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • What are the impediments/hindrance you encountered?

If a team member is not around for the meeting due to any other engagement, he/she needs to send his DSR(Daily Status Report) with the 3 questions in a mail

This questions enables the scrum master to know what has been done, what is yet to be done , the status of each activities and any issue encountered during the product development. The main goal of Scrum is interacting among individuals to make the team work as one unit.

So a good Scrum Master must have the following qualities

  • Can Facilitate
  • Can Inspire
  • Fostering Continuous Development
  • Knowledge of Product
Scrum Master


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  1. Can Facilitate
    • The is the main work and it involves facilitating the work of the team . You job is not only to delegate tasks to the team but also support each member in doing their piece.
    • You need to help and communicate the timelines for each sprints
    • You assist in eliminating obstacles.
    • You need to be able to assist the team in agreeing to the timelines in which a specific task should be completed within the sprint
    • Always ensure the team is always adhering to the Scrum rules during product developement
    • Always protest the team from any distractions and impediments.
    • Coach the team within Scrum principles (Teaching or finding someone who can if needed )
  2. Can Insoire the team to self-organize.
    • As a Scrum Master, you should be able  should assist the process but not be overprotective or over controlling. This motivates the team and work gets done easier this way.
  3. Fostering Continuous Development .
    • Scrum master should always welcome and embrace changes and fostering continuous improvement. This makes the product more better.
  4. As a Scrum master you need to posses good knowledge of product and market.

Another quality is that a good scrum master should always care about the team members and the product and create the working environment in which people respond quickly to changes whilst also encouraging and boosting their confidence.

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